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I recently joined a new job in Marketing. The marketing and communications field has always been my passion. I love experimenting with content, ideas, and social media marketing. It brings me joy. So you would think a new job in the field I love would be easy. Am I right?

Well, it hasn’t been. I joined the job with hopes and expectations. But what I forgot was the nervousness of reporting to a new boss, the frustration of learning a new process, feelings of incompetence and stress of not doing enough, and so on.

My heart skips…

While not all managers are rude, however, some are the worst — a nightmare from hell.

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Like many people around the world, I have suffered due to evil managers. We can hate them or hurl angry words at them. But ever wonder what makes some people unfit to be managers? The reason why they do not know how to speak to their subordinates?

The one thing that differentiates the good managers from the bad ones is Emotional Intelligence. According to Google’s research on what constitutes a perfect leader, they found that successful and admired leaders have high emotional intelligence. …

We are afraid of change. But what if we treat change like a software update? An update that taps your untapped potential.

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How often have you said in an interview or to your friends that you love ‘change’?

But, how many times have you honestly meant it?

The thought of change can rattle the best of us because we crave comfort. The comfort of lying within our boundaries. Boundaries that provide us with safety, familiarity, put us at ease and give us adequate control of our environment. …

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First things first, I am not referring to constructive criticism.

A decade ago, when I was in undergrad, I had a friend who criticized everyone and complained about everything. Although she was a good and a kind person, her criticism and complaining knew no bounds. In second year, a transfer student joined our school. For some reason, my friend always criticized her.

She criticized the transfer student’s walk, behavior, manner of speaking, work, and so on. In a matter of days, the constant criticism and complaining were no longer limited to her anymore. It was towards everything she saw and…

The reason behind jealousy and steps to stop being envious

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We live in a competitive world. Throughout our lives, we have or have been compared with someone. This comparison gives rise to envy. Jealousy is a part of our lives. Unless you are a leader in your field, no matter how successful you are, there will always be a reason why you are envious of someone’s success.

The reason behind jealousy

Jealousy stems from insecurity, lower self-esteem, and concern that we lack something. It cripples our confidence. We feel threatened and think that we are not special — sometimes even worthless.

What happens to you when you are jealous

When you hear…

A simple yet overlooked method to confronting difficult situations

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Life is made up of moments — some happy and some filled with life lessons. If something positive occurs in our life, we are ecstatic. However, if we experience a setback, then we spiral into negative thinking, sadness, and wonder why this is happening to us.

Like everyone else, I have had my fair share of setbacks in life, and I am sure there are many more to come. Every time I had to confront a negative situation, I would be sad and spend a lot of time complaining about it…

Evaluate your current self-worth and 8 affirmations to increase self-worth

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Defining self-worth

Self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person and deserves to be treated with respect.

Self-worth has more to do with intrinsic value. It is about knowing you are precious, lovable, and worthy of all the good things in life.

Now that we are aware of what self-worth means let’s take a look at things that do not determine it.

Below is a self-worth evaluation checklist that consists of the conventional yardsticks used by people to measure their worth — answer yes or no.

Self-worth evaluation checklist

  1. I care about what…

My struggle with the anxiety of not being good enough and How I overcame it

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I am a perfectionist — an overachiever who in school always had a 3.97 GPA and has two master’s degrees. As a child and as an adult, I have had the constant need to excel. I assumed that if I excelled in everything, then maybe, just maybe, I would not have this lingering haunting thought of not being good enough.

But as you know, that never happened.

My life has always been in a constant battle with my longest companion — The anxiety of not…

A quick guide to validating feelings and letting someone’s emotional reality exist.

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While speaking to a friend, have you ever said things like

“Well, it could be much worse.”


“Just don’t think about it and get on with it.”


“Learn to deal with it.”


“I am not having this same discussion again.”

Well, if you have ever used such statements, then at some point, you have invalidated someone’s feelings.

Validating someone’s feelings means you let someone’s emotional reality exist. It is about giving them space and allowing them to open up — even when you do not…

We cannot avoid difficult situations in life but, we can control how we react to them.

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Our lives are filled with ups and downs. But there are times when our strength is tested at a stretch for months. We think we are not enough or experience the constant need to give up.

So, what should we do when we are being tested?

It’s a cloudy day today. As I write this blog, strong gusts of wind are blowing, and the trees are swaying in the direction of the wind. Dark clouds have gathered. It will be a downpour soon.


Vibha Gaonkar

I use my life stories to write about mindset, motivation, and positivity. Most viewed writer on Quora.

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